Apple Loop: iPhone 15 Price Shock, Disappointing Mac Pro Delay, Brazil’s iPhone Demands

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Taking a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes bad news on the iPhone 15, Brazil demands USB-C iPhone charging, Mac Pro delay, AirPods as heading aids, Apple’s advertising backlash, a sneaky cut for trade-ins, and testing out the new Satellite emergency SOS.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days (and you can read my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

Bad News On iPhone 15 Pricing

Apple’s next-generation iPhone may not be revealed until September next year, but the design and specifications need to be decided much earlier in the cycle, so it should come as no surprise that details on what comes next are coming out. And in terms of pricing, it’s bad news for Apple’s buyers and customers:

“LeaksApplePro has provided further information on the increased manufacturing costs for the iPhone 15 Ultra. Speaking with me, the leaker says the new bill of materials will increase by up to $100. While this may not sound “substantially more,” it is important to remember that this is the cost to Apple, not the buyer. For comparison, last month Nikkei Asia revealed iPhone 14 Pro Max components cost Apple $501, and pricing for the smartphone starts at $1099. That said, it is overly simplistic to say $1 on the component costs equals $2 added to the asking price.”

India Follows EU On USB-C Demands

Following on from the European decision to mandate USB-C charging ports for small electronic devices – a move that Apple has tacitly acknowledged will mean replacing the lightning port on European models at a minimum – the Indian government has started a similar process this week that could lead to a functionally identical law.

“In a government press release, India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution secretary, Rohit Kumar Singh, said different government and private agencies held a meeting and a “broad consensus emerged among stakeholders on adoption of USB Type – C as a charging port for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.” The press release added: “Further, it was deliberated that a different charging port may be adopted for feature phones.”

Mac Pro Release Date Slips To 2022

The announcement of Apple’s move to ARM Based computing for the Mac platform at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 came with a promise… that all new Macs would be running Apple Silicon by the end of 2022. With every other box checked, where is the Mac Pro’s brave new world?

“Apple rarely offers guidance on when new products will appear. Those waiting on the ultimate Mac still hold on to that 2022 deadline. Maybe there’ll be a press release in the next few weeks and a handful of machines on sale through the Apple Store to a select few… but the deadline is approaching fast, and the Mac Pro looks set for 2023.”


Apple’s Hearing Aids

They may not be sold as hearing aids, but Apple’s range of AirPods certainly meets some of the criteria and relevant standards. A Taiwanese study has (ahem) listened closely to the capability of the audio peripherals. They are not ready, medically speaking, to be certified, but the product has benefits, and there may be a future where they do make the grade:

“AirPods are not sold or approved by the Food and Drug Administration as devices for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. But with cheaper, over-the-counter hearing aids now available at common retailers, there’s a renewed interest in non-medical companies moving into the space to help people who don’t need expert care—including from Apple itself.”

(Ars Technica).

Advertising Backlash Inside Apple

Advertising across its services is not one of Apple’s primary revenue drivers – although I’m sure many people would quite like a $4 billion per year advertising business – yet Apple’s plans to push that up to $10 billion has drawn a lot of internal criticism inside Cupertino on how it could damage the perception of “Brand Apple”:

“While publicly, Apple displays a unified front on ads, especially those in the App Store meant to help developers gain more users and customers discover more apps, internally, employees are less than satisfied with the current approach. In internal chatrooms, at least seven employees who worked on Apple’s ads team voiced concerns that the company is going too far in its ads business and will damage the premium experience of using an ‌iPhone‌.”

(The Information via Mac Rumors).

Apple Cuts Trade-In Discounts

While it’s not a direct increase on hardware prices, many Apple fans upgrading their equipment take advantage of Apple’s trade-in offers to reduce the amount they have to pay. In that sense, the cutting of the trade-in value will be reflected in the price paid by many loyal fans:

“The sweet spot in all these prices is for two-year-old devices, particularly for iPhones — with Apple targeting owners coming to the end of their contracts. Before you rush out and trade your old device, however, note that these are all Up To prices, which means they apply to devices in pristine condition (beware caseless owners!).”


And Finally…

Apple’s “Emergency SOS” satellite service was made available to the public this week. Like many services, there will be an eagerness to try it out, but like many services built around emergencies, it is not something to be trifled with. Apple set up a specific test session for DC Rainmaker to experience the service in real-world conditions… (no doubt closely monitored no doubt by the press team):

“First – note that this test was coordinated with Apple, specifically, they knew not to send rescuers to my location. But everything else is as-is, leveraging the real satellite systems for all communications, and I show where it works well, and where it struggles a bit. It goes without saying though that if you go through and dial/text 911 for realz, real people will show up to try and rescue you. So don’t do that unless it’s an actual emergency – instead, Apple specifically has a demo mode you can try that also uses the satellites for real, but doesn’t send the emergency responders…”

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