NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) Wins Award For Most Innovative AI Integration in a Public Relations Firm

by Alan Klein

Emerging Enterprise News has presented its 2023 award for Insightful Adaptation of Technology to NewsXPartners for its early and impactful application of Artificial Intelligence to news and informational media.

New York, NY, September 28, 2023 – NewsXPartners Corporation (“NXP”) is being recognized for its leadership and initiative in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the effectiveness of its clients’ PR programs. NXP leverages AI to better reach its market targets with more engaging, relevant, and persuasive content.

The use of AI by NXP is transforming the effectiveness of public relations directed to consumer (“B2C”) and professional (“B2B”) audiences: Improvements in the personalization of press releases being seen on web browsers, social media, and chatbots. AI is cost-effective by shortening the time to prepare campaigns and increasing revenues from more effective communications.

NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) Wins Award For Most Innovative AI Integration in a Public Relations Firm is an original (EmergingEnterPriseNews) article.

AI in PR and advertising refers to simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions based on the information that is fed to them,” IBM states. AI applies historical data from past experiences to inform and strengthen future decisions:

  • NXP is helping to create more powerful messaging for its clients. Its publicity and advertising staff is now leveraging AI to “Create more personalized experiences, better target the right audience, and make the right decisions faster,” an NXP spokesperson explains.
  • “Recent studies project AI technology growing significantly throughout this decade, as we at NXP and other leaders take advantage of its potential.”

NXP is utilizing AI to collect and analyze data from numerous sources: Web analytics, social media, consumer and client feedback, and industry trends. The company is applying AI tools to identify patterns, insights, and opportunities to sharpen marketing and media strategies. For example:

  • Better segmenting audiences based on demographics, attitudes, behavior, needs, and interests. NXP is using AI to monitor its clients’ competitors, and to identify effective influencers that can help accelerate clients’ brand or business momentum.
  • As applied by NXP, AI improves engagement and interaction with consumers and prospects by creating and managing voice assistants, interactive videos, and chatbots to respond to questions, be informative, and generate leads.
  • NXP is personalizing outreach to media and influencers, using AI to identify the best contacts, channels, and times to present clients’ messages. AI tools help NXP customize PR according to individual profiles, previous interactions, and preferences.
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NewsXPartners is a New York-based innovative publicity company dedicated to helping businesses and organizations optimize their potential through effectively delivered, persuasively constructed communications:

Leveraging News and Informational Media to Build Your Brand’s
Credibility, Authority, and Name Recognition ™

NXP accelerates the achievement of its client’s objectives across a continuum of challenges and opportunities, including seizing opportunities, protecting reputation, crisis management and mitigation, competitive intelligencemedia relationsnew product or service introduction, negotiating mergers, acquisitions, and underwriting and raising capital.

NXP’s vision is to reinvent publicity and public relations through an enhanced approach to content creation and promotion, combining AI with exceptional talent. The result: Increased inquiry volume and customer conversion rates, and increased market share and sales revenues:

Talent: NXP’s principals and team of award-winning writers, creative personnel, and video producers combine collaborative efforts, expertise, and energies with the technical leverage of AI.

Collaboration: NXP promotes and protects clients’ brands as it works in synergy with their advertising and marketing departments to maximize the return on publicity and public relations budgets.

Technology: NXP effectively harnesses AI with state-of-the-art technology and SEO techniques to assist clients in attaining prominence in search engine results with relevant keyword phrases.

Confidentiality: NXP maintains the professional relationship with its clients in strictest confidence, never advertising for self-promotion.

Results: NXP’s intense focus on client campaigns and captivating media messaging brings the real metrics home. “We are client-centric and results-driven.”

NXP’s adoption and implementation of AI elevates client service, revolutionizing an industry characteristically slow to embrace new technology. “AI can help measure and improve the performance of publicity campaigns,” notes LinkedIn. NXP uses AI tools to track and analyze the results of campaigns: reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI.

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