Innovative Minds: Founders of Evolvere, BrainLuxury, Troop Mushrooms, and MyPEAK Receive Visionary Leadership Award

Emerging Enterprise News has awarded seven innovative company founders its Visionary Leadership Award for their roles in building exceptional companies that are thriving despite a very competitive market environment and a challenging economy. Their innovative minds are what set these new and rapidly-rising industry leaders apart from the herd.

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Innovative Minds: Founders of Evolvere, BrainLuxury, Troop Mushrooms, and MyPEAK Receive Visionary Leadership Award:

Damon Testaverde, a managing director of Emerging Enterprise News Corp. announced earlier today that seven company founders, each of whom started and actively manage four rapidly-growing companies, have all become recipients of its distinguished Visionary Leadership Award. Some of the judgment criteria for the issuance of this award include sales growth, increase in market share, customer reviews, employee satisfaction, product innovation, and sourcing and manufacturing practices.

The recipients included Neal Thakkar (founder and CEO of Evolvere), Hermann Schützinger and Axel Bouchon (co-founders of BrainLuxury), Stephanie Moyal and Jake Mellman (co-founders of Troop Mushrooms), and Bhargav Patel, MD and Urja Shah, DO candidate (co-founders of MyPEAK Supplements). All of the companies listed here are privately-held and managed hands-on and day-to-day by the award winning individuals. While Emerging Enterprise News has an international scope of reporting and a global readership, each of the foregoing companies is domiciled in the United States.

Innovative Minds:


The company offers QUANTUMiND, a comprehensive, potent and uniquely bioavailable nootropic that enhances alertness, focus, cognition, memory and overall productivity. The QUANTUMiND formulation and product line (the product is available in Classic, Gold, and a caffeine-free version) competes in a market sector dominated by a large number of competitors whose products either contain some questionable or dangerous ingredients in relatively unsafe dosage amounts, or products which are ineffective or only marginally effective because of either poor active ingredient bioavailability or a lack of ingredient synergy. QUANTUMiND is reasonably priced for daily use on a long-term basis, whereas other products which are almost as effective are much more expensive, delivering less real value to the consumer.

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Innovative Minds: Founders of Evolvere, BrainLuxury, Troop Mushrooms, and MyPEAK Receive Visionary Leadership Award is the (EmergingEnterPriseNews) report.

Innovative Minds:


BrainLuxury offers two principal products: DELTA is a product which facilitates and supports sound sleep though the action of the amino acid tryptophan, as well through a host of supporting ingredients such as glycine, omegas, fatty acids (to facilitate better absorption of the ingredients through enhanced brain permeability – the brain is largely comprised of fatty tissue), minerals, and B vitamins for enhanced bioavailability.

The product is an ingestible tiered liquid in a competitive environment consisting of tablets, capsules, and alcohol-based or antihistamine-based over-the-counter sleep aids. Interestingly, the product doesn’t depend upon melatonin for its action, which is an advantage, as melatonin has some serious side effects, making it less than ideal for the induction of sleep, despite its prevalence in so many products.

Additionally, BrainLuxury offers GAMMA, a product which naturally supports wakefulness and focus, also in a unique ingestible tiered liquid engineered for maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients. It is the logical counterpart and follow-up to the DELTA product, which was developed and marketed by the company first.

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Innovative Minds:


Troop Mushrooms is a premier provider of functional mushroom supplements in the highly-edible (and highly flavorful) form of gummies. Most of the competition in the mushroom gummy supplement marketplace either uses grain-grown mycelium instead of whole fruiting bodies in their formulations, and most source their ingredients from Asia, whereas Troop Mushrooms sources domestically, supporting the US economy and employment market. The founders are passionate about mushrooms and their myriad possibilities for health and wellness, and this comes across in their online presence.

Troop Mushrooms offers three very well-received proprietary products: Lion’s Mane (for enhanced wakefulness, cognition and focus), Reishi (for calm and relaxation), and Super Troop (a blend of functional and adaptogenic mushrooms for general wellness and enhanced immune function). Their product pricing is quite competitive, offering consumers solid value for their purchases.

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Innovative Minds: Founders of Evolvere, BrainLuxury, Troop Mushrooms, and MyPEAK Receive Visionary Leadership Award is an original (EmergingEnterPriseNews) article.

Innovative Minds:


MyPEAK Supplements addresses the specific dietary and nutritional needs of a growing population of vegan consumers with an outstanding lineup of alternative yet highly-effective physician-formulated products that includes: Wellness (an immune-boosting all-purpose health maintenance supplement), Brilliance (a vegetarian nootropic for support of cognitive faculties, memory, focus and balanced mood), PeakBiotic (a very unique strictly vegan probiotic and prebiotic for support of the digestive process and gastrointestinal functioning, which, in turn, supports positive mood and clear thinking), Radiance (a collagen enhancement product for healthier skin, hair, and nails), and DeltaSleep, a sleep support supplement with a very comprehensive roster of non-addictive ingredients.

improving brain functions with my peak supplements

Beating The Economic Odds

“The slowness of the recovery from Covid, the volatility in the stock market, increasing energy prices, and higher borrowing rates from commercial lending institutions have all contributed to particularly rough times for developmental-stage enterprises and young businesses in 2022,” said Testaverde, “but these amazing companies have weathered the storm through lean management, organic growth and, in two cases, relatively small infusions of private equity. When you’re operating in a tight cash economy, where consumers don’t have a great deal of disposable income, you’ve got to be ultra-competitive. One thing that these companies all share, aside from great product offerings, is an exceptional aptitude for high-transparency, information-driven digital marketing.”

Important Note: The information contained in this article (Innovative Minds: Founders of Evolvere, BrainLuxury, Troop Mushrooms, and MyPEAK Receive Visionary Leadership Award) is for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health. 

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